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Peak Real Estate Solutions is a local investment team with the goal of helping homeowners throughout the Seattle area. We will purchase your house no matter what condition it is in. Plus, we do it with cash so we are able to close in as little as 5 days if that best suits your need. No matter the price range or area, we have a solution for you. It’s the absolute most convenient and simple way to sell your home because you will not have to clean, you will not have to do repairs, you can even leave all of the stuff you don’t want in the home and we will act as a junk removal crew too!

We create win-win solutions that can help with any situation you may currently be facing. Some examples might be inheriting a home you don’t want, needing to relocate quickly and not wanting to risk paying for two mortgages, going through a divorce and not wanting to deal with any extra hassle that listing with your typical agent may cause, maybe you’re a landlord but your home has become vacant and you just don’t want or don’t have time to deal with it. There are so many reasons it makes sense to give us a call and hear our offer. It won’t be retail value but it will be a fair offer and it will be much quicker and easier with no headaches.

Peak Real Estate Solutions has been creating solutions for homeowners for over 15 years. We approach each transaction with care and transparency to make sure the entire home-selling process is simple and that each homeowner is treated fairly. Our consultative approach to buying homes provides sellers with the information they need to feel comfortable throughout the selling process.

If you are looking for a fair and straightforward way to sell, we are the answer! It is our business to provide real solutions to local homeowners who need to sell their houses right away.

We are a family-owned and operated company, a father-daughter team in fact, with the goal of helping people and leaving the communities we love better than we found them.

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Meet David 

My name is David Spalding and I am a principal here at Peak Real Estate Solutions. I bring over 15 years of real estate experience and a comprehensive understanding of how to structure stress-free and successful real estate transactions.  Locally, I have been directly involved in hundreds of real estate transactions including residential, commercial, and raw land. I am an experienced investor, general contractor, and licensed real estate broker. I enjoy working with Home Sellers as a Trusted Real Estate Advisor to provide a stress-free and fair home-selling experience.

When I am not helping people sell their homes, I enjoy travel, scuba diving, and spending time with my family. Fun fact: my dive buddy is also my daughter and my Director of Marketing and Development.

Meet Mikaela

Hi, I’m Mikaela Spalding and I am the Director of Marketing & Development at Peak Real Estate Solutions. I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree in Business Administration – emphasis in International Business, Accounting & Economics. I have been in the marketing game for over 10 years building my own successful businesses from the ground up.  I absolutely LOVE working with Home Sellers to provide a stress-free and fair home selling experience. When I am not helping people sell their homes, I enjoy hikes with my furry clients (dog sitting is another business of mine), travel, and scuba diving. As David mentioned in his bio: we are both dive buddies as well as father and daughter!

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