Frequently Asked Questions

You may not know what to expect with a direct sale to a professional home buyer in the Seattle area. It is a fairly new concept so we understand you have lots of if then and now whats. We get questions all the time from people who weren’t even aware that selling without an agent was an option! We have answered some of our more commonly asked questions below. If there is anything else you are curious about, please reach out to us today! (425) 440-2323

Q:  What kinds of situations can you help with?
A: We can help with all kinds of situations including foreclosure, tax liens, houses that need repair, bad investment properties, inherited houses, divorce, vacant houses, etc. No matter what you are dealing with, our offers will be fair and compassionate to your situation.

Q:  How quickly are you able to close on my property?
A: Once you accept our offer, we are usually able to close in as little as 5 days!

Q:  Do you list or buy houses in the Seattle area?
A: No, we do not list homes. But yes we do buy them directly from you, the seller! At Peak Real Estate Solutions, we are a team of direct buyers which means no listing or showing just cash for your home AS-IS condition. In addition, we offer over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and are happy to provide you with information no matter how you decide to sell. We do not list homes, we buy them directly from you with cash!

Q:  Are your offers fair?
A: Always! We base our offers on how much properties in the neighborhood are selling for, factoring in the repair costs we will be facing. We will happily explain our offer and how we came up with it. Our process is very transparent.

Q:  Are there any costs I need to be prepared for?
A: There are zero costs when you sell directly to Peak Real Estate Solutions. You will not have to make repairs, pay commissions, or continue to fork over money to own the property month after month.

Q:  How is working with you different than hiring an agent?
A: At Peak Real Estate Solutions, we are a team of direct buyers. We have the funds available to almost immediately close on your Seattle area house. You will not have to wait for a buyer, for lenders, or worry about the sale falling through. Click here to learn more about how selling your home to Peak Real Estate Solutions compares to listing your home with an agent! >>> 

Q:  What happens after I call you?
A: As soon as we know a bit about the Seattle area house you need to sell, we will begin creating our offer. We will usually have an offer to you right away, putting the ball in your court. After that, you can take the time to consider your options and make the decision on whether or not you would like to sell to us. If you decide a direct sale is the best choice for you, we can close in only 5 days. Of course, if you need more time in the property, we are happy to close on the day that works best for you.

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