We Can Help With Seattle Houses No Matter The Condition Or Situation!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You can’t sell the house because there are tax liens on the property
  • You own a vacant house and want to sell before it costs you any more money
  • You are behind on your mortgage and don’t want to go through foreclosure
  • You own an investment property that isn’t performing
  • You inherited a house you do not want to keep
  • You want to sell your house without having to make repairs
  • You need to relocate quickly for work or other personal reason
  • You want to sell your house without paying an agent commission
  • You are getting a divorce and need to sell quickly

Our passion is in finding solutions for local homeowners. You should not need to feel stuck or buried by a financial burden. Let us help you find a solution to whatever you are going through! We are ready to make you an offer on your property right now without any obligation or commitment.

You can finally take control of your situation, get back on your feet, and live the life you want. You do not need to feel stuck or trapped by a property you own. Learn about all of the selling options available to you before deciding how you want to sell. Run the numbers and take all of the factors into consideration. A fast sale can ultimately save you thousands when all is said and done. You will be able to end the costs of property tax, homeowners insurance, utility bills, and monthly maintenance. You will not need to market the house or make it available for property showings. We offer a simpler, easier way to sell your Seattle area house.

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Here’s an example of a vacant home long forgotten that the seller had no time or energy to deal with.

Peak RESolutions swooped in with the resolution the home owner was searching for:

  1. They did not have to clean
  2. They did not have to de-clutter
  3. They did not have to deal with tax liens
  4. They did not have to pay any repair fees (as this particular home was under about a foot of water)

Instead, they picked up the phone and called us!

We took care of everything and put cash in their hands!

See the before and after photos below:

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